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really love these old-school style games like these 


Great game, gave me quite a few scares! Playtime ~5 minutes.

My playthrough: 


My thoughts on the game:

  • I wish it was explained what the mysterious place was and what Ollie was doing there.
  • It's unclear how you got the weapon, and how it has so many bullets, is it a literal nightmare or reality?
  • Ollie gave me big spooks!
  • I wish normal Ollie showed up in 3D and you could interact with him, would make it a bit scarier.
  • I really liked how it turned from innocent to very dark.
  • Great atmosphere!
  • Quite short, I wish it was longer.

Overall, amazing demo! I really liked it.

Welcome to Ollie's Hel-I mean Farm

I love the silent hill feeling in this game it made this game a real gem.

I made a video on this game it's the 3rd one in the compilation.

This game was pretty creepy, but I had fun with it!

Please check out my video:

When I grow up, I wanna be a farmer, JUST like Uncle Ollie!


We enjoyed your demo but the blue crystal just didn't spawn so we couldn't complete it!


When is the Full Version RELEASED?! I hope the Full Version is FREE!


The full version is not going to be free

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Oh... :|. BTW, will there be "The Backrooms" in If yes, then tell if it is FREE or not...


I don't really plan on making a Backrooms game


Please don't remove the Demo Version of the Full Version RELEASED :(

-Made a Video. (The Demo)

"this is so good! i can't wait to play the full version when it comes out!"

Loved it! The tone changes fast and effectively. Thank you for making this!

HOLY HELL THIS IS GORGEOUS and also darn spooky. This absolutely nailed everything it set out to, and then some. The aesthetic throughout hit the moods perfectly. Genuinely loved this so darn much. 

Demo was good but the camera was so bad. Sorry. The game is good but the camera movement needs to be fixed.

Great game, it was a fun time and I really enjoyed the visuals!

Loved it!!!! the first horror game I played this year, to get started with youtube more!


Video starts at *;27 

Honestly, I REALLY enjoyed this. I really love the graphical style and fun gameplay this had, I do wish it was a bit longer and more fleshed out towards the end since I wanted to see more. Only downside I felt was towards the end, I felt like the enemy could have ran faster if your given a gun to dispose of him, but because the player can basically outrun him I just outran him instead of killing him over and over making it more easier than it should have been, increasing the enemies speed and perhaps adding some sort of sound cue as he gets closer would have made that ending part much more scarier than it could have been. I still enjoy it all though and its worth a shot :)

Full Video in the Description 

I feel ashamed to say that I downloaded this in the very first day that it got out but just played it now, a fantastic demo, don't have nothing bad to say, I did find "little" bug here and there but I think it's already been looked at.

I love your games :D

Had a good time making this. Awesome Game keep up the good work!!!

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Good game I rate this is as 4/5 stars (Good)

This is a list of my thoughts of your game:

The Good Side:

  • I like the cute theme to a horror theme
  • The story is okay
  • I like the PSX graphics

The Bad Side:

  • Can you fix the dialog text blur, can barely see it
  • I don't understand how all the sudden theirs a demon portal after collecting all the corn
  • I don't understand what was that ending though

Although this is a good game I would recommend this for short games

Gave this a play, it was really neat! I was left wanting so much more, hope you continue this at some point.

Hey I like to watch videos in the desc. of games to see if I want to play them, so that is why I watched your video, and idk if you noticed but there is blood on the corn

Ohhh, I did not! Good catch there, the scares are everywhere xD


Oh Ollie....


VERY RELATEABLE. I'm ALWAYS losing my corn.

Seriously though, I enjoyed the game. 


How this Man Ollie Ask for Help Then act Like im Trespassing..? ollie fight me. good stuff glory meat (pause)

Played yo game, yall should check it out

hey man I loved your game, he really loved it, really fun but you could arrange a little something that probably bothered more players, that is the mouse, you could by the option to reverse the crosshairs? because it makes it very difficult to aim and shoot, other than that wonderful game

I had fun with this! The camera movement felt a bit jumpy but overall it was a great experience! I wonder what made us want to shoot Ollie tho 😂

This game was really fun !

I recommend this game

Loved playing the demo and being snapped back to the days of Silent Hill!

i played the game and it was scary in the finding the gems it was hard


Haven't played it yet but it reminds me of that "Moirai" game, that game was great, too bad it was taken down

I love the idea of a game that feels so innocent, and this one particularly hooked me because of the developer’s inspirations. I look forward to the full release! Excellent work! 

I did a 3 random horror games, and yours was on the list. It's the first one. 

this is a great game

I'm stuck. Ollie won't let me go. Can someone help me plz?


I cant wait for the full release of this game the style,farmer olie, everything about this game was so good

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a very fun little demo, can't wait to play the rest!

Honestly had a great time with it. Excited to see the rest. That being said, I couldn't lower the mouse sensitivity which was really high. Other than that it was great.

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