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nice concept, the ending wasn't it though. 

I really liked it, however the ending felt a bit rushed / cheap. However I do always enjoy a good P.T. type game setting! Always love the "PS1 / PSX" style!

If someone does not want to download it (or cannot due to different platforms or wine not running it) you can check out my video on it! (Timestamp should be in the link, if not, the video has chapters!)

Yo the game doesn't work.


I'm unable to play the game :/ upon starting it up and pressing any key the door just flashes and the game never starts.  Tried so many things, but nothing works

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Could you port this game to be played on the original PS1 hardware? Like C++ coding? I think thats whats used to port PS1 games.


I'm too dumb to make an actual game for the original hardware, lol!

ok lol

The jumpscares arent too overwhelming, but alongside the evolving creepy atmosphere, odd unexpected events here and there, it still managed to get me scared to the point of leaning back in my chair expecting a scare at any moment!

buen juego 

like a budget PT

even this game does have a chase sequence it make me startle

I always enjoy your work, thank you!

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Short and atmospheric, enjoyed it very much!

Cheapest screamer ever, otherwise good tension building.

this was a fun short little horror game, keep up the great work familia!

how can i open game???

I loved it! It was just the perfect amount of scary for me.

The only thing that maybe could be fixed is the plants, whenever I walked up to them I got stuck there, they teleported me somewhere else in the hallway or I bounced off of them.

But besides that, great game!

Loved it! Super creepy and made me anxious and nerv ous for what was coming!

I liked the build up as it felt the world was gradually falling apart. The atmosphere was certainly well paced but the ending could have been longer. But other than that it was a fun little game :)

This was pretty good! Spooky environment, nice buildup. The ending could be a bit more "dramatic" but it was still a good experience overall. Great work!

the plants are broken, I bounce off of them like a rubber ball

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*spoiler alert*

(at the end jumpscare) I didn't get scared because it was like an image coming at me, it would be better if you replaced that image with a model, The graphics looks nice and the atmosphere was super good, Thanks

I'm currently working on an update that will change the ending and add additional content

That would be great

i press any key, but it doens't start?

Hello. I had the same problem. You need to press any button and just wait.


i dont understand, is this just an explore a look of the game? or there is actually have an objective given but i didnt notice?



the hallway is long

Non male ma mi aspettavo qualche spavento in più.

Se ti va da un occhiata al video.


Pretty good atmosphere. The ending seemed kind of weird not sure it worked right for me. 


The enemy in this game is those DAMN PLANT POTS!!!


Great job on the game, I was very amazed I loved the ps1 graphics. The game was very short but amazing! Here is my game play on it!


Amazing game, but FYI there is a bug where if you strafe into any of the potted plants they send you flying in a random direction. Otherwise very good game!

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Love the game, short, creepy atmosphere, dope music, jumpscares so lethal they don't need sound, and ps1 graphics as a plus. Keep it up with these games!


Hey dude I liked this remake!! and the the new graphics, You have a future with this, I really hope that one day I can play a complete game of yours, I will be following your future games.

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

Hi Glory Meat! Thanks for this game! I really loved the music you used for it & the going around all the floors. I must say that I wasn´t all that scared but had a lot of fun playing your game, right from the start! I enjoyed the PS1 style of it & the little details here and there.

Nice game, loved it! Had some issues at first but i discovered you just have to wait xD


I love your game.


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