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Fairly vibey game but extremely short. I wish it had more to offer.

For some reason, that dead-end behind the start intrigues me so much I didn't make it past the first corridor yet. I literally went as far as walking into the right wall, then looking straight down and trying to walk right in order to access a potential easter egg.

please also upload a zip


This needs to be made into a full game


Since alot of people have been asking for that. I think I will! :)

Very nice. The art is quite striking. 

I love what you did with the art kit :-D

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Cute little game and creative use of the art pack

Thanks for playing

Eu gostei bastante do game!! principalmente do estilo.

Beautiful! Maybe could fix the spelling, introduce void master without repeating name? Lovely aesthetic though! Would love to see this again.

The Dithering Shader is very Pleasing and the Galaxy Shader is Awesome. I would love to learn Shader Programming now XD !


You should totally extend this! The art style was really intriguing. 


Thanks! I'm actually considering making this a full on game! So many people want this to be a full game.

Absolutely love the visual style, did you write the shader yourself? Would love to see a longer game with this style ^^

Glad you like the style! I didn't write the shader. I used a shader called "Kino Binary". I'm also considering making this a full game!

I really had a fun times with this game! I love the style of it! Its at the end of my LP 30:11 

I made a video and played your game. It's a 2:37.


Thanks for playing!

Had some fun. Did a compilation. Yours is in there.

Thanks for playing my game!

Fun lil game! Made you a lil video: 

Thanks for playing my dumb little game! :) I would defiantly love to make something bigger with this

hell yeah! Let me know if you do ^_^